Saint Mary’s Is Delivering on Its Core Mission and Values, Surveys Show

How is Saint Mary’s doing on fostering the five core Lasallian values? Very well, according to an assessment of how well the College meets its mission that was conducted in 2011 through surveys of graduating seniors, graduate students, alumni and faculty.

Large majorities of all these groups agreed that Saint Mary’s does a good or excellent job of fostering the Lasallian core principles: respect for all persons, faith in the presence of God, concern for the poor and social justice, support for an inclusive community, and appreciation for a quality liberal arts education. 

In fact, more than 80 percent of graduating seniors surveyed in spring 2011 by the Office of Institutional Research said the College fulfilled all of the Lasallian principles, and more than 90 percent of graduate students and alumni said it fostered “respect for all persons” and  “appreciation for a quality liberal arts education.” 

In addition, large majorities of seniors, alumni and faculty believe that Saint Mary’s “lives in harmony with its mission and values,” and about 70 percent said the College provides opportunities for spiritual formation and religious education. Interestingly, both Catholics and non-Catholics said they felt the school is strongly fostering a Lasallian community.  

Carole Swain, vice president for Mission, said the College is following up on these survey results by carrying out an external review of how well the College supports its mission. The assessment process will include an on-site visit this Thursday and Friday by colleagues from Lewis University, University of San Francisco, Cabrini College and the Diocese of Oakland.  

“These survey results provide strong evidence that the Saint Mary’s educational experience continues to reflect the College’s core values across the decades. They validate what we see on campus and hear from our community every day,” said Swain. “We’re particularly heartened to find that appreciation of our mission remains strong among our seniors and recent graduates.”

Teresa Castle
Office of College Communications

View the full survey results from the Office of Institutional Research:

Evaluation of Saint Mary's College on Characteristics Related to Mission: Spring 2011 [pdf]