Saint Mary's and Swiss University Cooperate on Media MBA

Saint Mary's College of California will host the American view portion of a prestigious Swiss university's premier executive MBA program in media and communication.

The Saint Mary's College phase of the University of St. Gallen's intense one-year program will take place from Oct. 27 to Nov. 11, 2003, when 33 European and international students from a variety of professional fields visit Moraga and key San Francisco Bay Area companies.

Saint Mary's College Dean of Economics and Business Administration Dr. Roy Allen has identified major themes of the Moraga term as 1) media and communication "industries"; 2) Silicon Valley and American entrepreneurship; 3) technology and business; and 4) American business culture.

"This is a first class cooperative effort of two excellent institutions. We look forward to showcasing our American media and communication industries, and having our Saint Mary's College Executive MBA students engage in possible case studies with our guests," said Allen.

Visiting lecturers during the St. Gallen University students' stay will be leading executives from Lucas film companies; Dolby Sound; Knight-Ridder Newspapers, Hewlett Packard, Cisco and Apple.

These lectures will coincide with "Media and Communication Week" (Nov. 3-7) at Saint Mary's College. Scheduled to make public presentations during that Week are Robert Wussler, co-founder of CNN, former President of CBS, and current President of Turner Pictures; and Deborah Amos, ABC News correspondent and former London Bureau chief for National Public Radio and author of Lines in the Sand: Desert Storm and Remaking of the Arab World, Simon and Schuster, 1992.

Saint Mary's College Graduate Business, formed in 1975, provides executive and flexible MBA programs on its Moraga campus, in San Jose and San Ramon. Future programs will be held in Fairfield.

For more information, please call the School of Economics and Business Administration at (925) 631-4604.