David Otis Johnson: NOCTAMBULANT

Johnson lives and works out of the greater Los Angeles Area. In 2002 he attended the Hollywood School of Neon in Florida where he learned to bend neon. From the start, Johnson explored neon with the intent to incorporate it into his artwork. The glass blowing and chemical processes that enabled the material to illuminate captivated Johnson. He spent numerous years working for sign companies to be close to the materials. In 2004, he received an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Johnson’s neon installations exhibited in NOCTAMBULANT reflect a range of his artistic development. His earlier work, Chair, demonstrates his craft as a neon artist working through three-dimensional sculptural forms.  In more recent work, Johnson mixes additional materials such as steel and concrete to change the overall experience of light. For Johnson, neon is the ideal medium to explore the effect of mixing light, material, and form.

Past Happenings | NOCTAMBULANT


Third Thurs | Late Night: Disco Ball Making

Join the Museum of Art for a late night in the Museum making disco balls! 

In the experience of David Otis Johnson's neon lights, MoA will be open late with music, snacks and beverages, and disco ball building supplies.

Come ready to make your own disco ball and party out in the electric lights of NOCTAMBULANT.

Activities are ongoing until 9 pm.

Johnson in studio