Current Exhibitions

From June 5 through August 28, the Museum of Art will host its Summer exhibits. 

Reflections in Water: Selections by the California Art Club 

June 5 through August 28 

In this exhibition, California Art Club artists share the serenity they have found by the water's edge as they reconnect with nature, recharge the spirit and reflect upon life's many wonders. 

The California Art Club was founded in 1909 by early California Impressionists and remains one of the most active professional art organizations in the United States. The mission of the club is to promote traditional fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing, and sculpture, foster greater understanding of its traditional art heritage, and furnish educational opportunities in the fine arts. This is the first collaboration between the CAC and the SMCMoA.

Please join some of the artists from CAC on June 5 for the Opening Reception. Each artist in attendance will be wearing a name tag and identified with their piece(s). 

Watertime: A Video by David and Hi-jin Hodge

June 5 through August 21

People everywhere are drawn to sit and stare at the ocean. Its changing face, its crushing power, and its sheer vastness are inescapable. To capture a sense of its immensity, David and Hi-jin Hodge filmed wave action at the same strech of ocean in Miramar, California, every day, at the same time, for an entire year. 

Scene/Unseen: A Group Exhibition of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs

New works by nif hodgson, Robin Kandel, Linda Simmel, and Noah Wilson

June 5 through August 21

When does land become a landscape? What transforms a physical environment into something of significance? And what methods do artists employ to organize and convey the inexplicable experience? This exhibition brings together the work of four artists who reconsider the language of traditional landscape through explorations of vastness, incompleteness, systems, and memory. Together they convey an experience of landscape, rather than a literal representation, asking how much of what is unseen and ineffable informs our connection to our surroundings. June 5 Opening Reception will feature the four artists of Scene/Unseen for a discussion of their work. The discussion will begin at 2:30 PM. 

William Keith: The Beginning of the Collection 

June 5 through August 21

In 1908, Brother Cornelius Braeg hiked from Saint Mary's College to John Muir's home in Martinez to meet the famous naturalist. While there, Braeg was drawn to Muir's art collection which included a number of Keith works and these immediately captured Braeg's attention. Over the next four decades, Brother Cornelius collected 100 paintings for the Saint Mary's College Art collection. This exhibition features some of the first paintings acquired for the Collection. 

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