Saint Mary's College Takes Voice Calls to the Cloud

This summer, Saint Mary's College will be migrating on-site telephone services to the cloud!

What does this change mean for you?

  •     You'll be able to begin and/or continue your conversation from any device
  •     With the cloud-based system, you can communicate and collaborate from anywhere the Internet reaches
  •     The days when you were tied to your desk phone will be a (not so) fond memory
  •     You will be able to access your calls, voicemail, send/receive text messages, participate in video conferences, and adjust your user settings from anywhere you have Internet access

As with any system change, there will be some interruption in service (we will minimize this) and a learning curve. We in IT Services, and our vendor, Jive Communications, recognize this and we've made plans together to ensure that this migration is as smooth and as seamless as possible.


During the week of July 31 through August 4, IT Services and hired vendor, Jive, will visit SMC offices to add new physical desk phones. 

NOTE: To reduce interruption of service, all Staff will temporarily have TWO phones on their desk: the old phone and the new phone.

Also, during the week of July 31 through August 4, IT Services and hired vendor, Jive, will hold several training sessions. Please take a moment to Sign-Up for Training on SMC's new Cloud-based Phone System!

During the week of August 7, 2017 the telephone numbers are scheduled to be ported to the new system.  We have requested to have them ported on Thursday, August 10th. (NOTE: The port is dependent upon our current vendor, Verizon.)


Here begins our journey. In the end, the SMC community will have a modern, high quality, and simple to use cloud-based means to unify many of our critical communications methods. 

For an outside perspective, take a look at Jive Communications' promotional video.