About Saint Mary's College Magazine

Mission Statement

The Saint Mary’s magazine explores the character, vitality, mission and news of the College with its readers, who include alumni, friends, faculty and staff, current students and their parents.

The publication’s primary visual language is photography, while also employing art to vividly tell the Saint Mary’s story.

The content explores the College’s Seminar heritage, its Catholic and Lasallian traditions, and an aesthetic and environmental awareness that is rooted in the beauty of the campus and its location in Northern California. It strives to illuminate the character and rigor of the College’s academic preparation, research, faculty achievement, alumni accomplishments, the institution’s relationship with the world, the issues that concern humanity, and how Saint Mary’s distinctive approach makes an impact.

  • Cultivating ways of knowing and the art of critical thinking
  • Fostering the Christian understanding of life
  • Creating a student-centered experience informed by mutual respect and support

The Saint Mary’s magazine, online and in print,  is a primary means for engaging readers emotionally and intellectually with the College and with the people who are influenced by its mission and traditions.  

The print magazine publishes two times a year in the spring and fall.

Get in Touch With Us

Send story ideas and comments on magazine content to magazine@stmarys-ca.edu.

Send all status and address changes to info4@stmarys-ca.edu and provide a contact number.

Submit a Gael Glimpse

The editors of the Saint Mary’s magazine will edit each Glimpse for readability and length, limiting length to 100 words.

Saint Mary’s magazine will not publish Glimpses that are advertisements for alumni businesses and services. The editors are sensitive to the distinction between sharing success and promoting a business and will edit carefully.

Finally, the editors exclude Glimpses that describe illegal behavior and activities.

Submit a Gael Glimpse. 


For Print Publication

We encourage alumni to submit photographs along with their Gael Glimpses.

Digital images for use in the magazine should be clear and 300 dpi or larger in size. The default setting of digital cameras and phones is often set to SMALL — the IMAGE MODE setting should be LARGE to yield the best results.  Acceptable formats include: JPG, TIF, EPS or a CD loaded with the images.

On a PC, the image file size can be seen by right clicking and viewing properties. The jpg should be 2-6 MB.

Do not submit photos embedded in Word documents; they are aliases that reside on the local hard drive. Send the actual JPG, large enough for print quality.

Include captions with all photos. This can be as simple as listing the names of those depicted, or the names and graduation years, if possible, of the alumni connected with the photo.

For Online Publication

Photos should be clear (not blurry) and at least 350 pixels wide.  Images should be in RGB format, 72 pixels per inch, and saved in a web-friendly format (.jpg, .png, or .gif).  If you are unsure your photos are in the proper format, our design staff can help.