Absolutely Avocados!

I’ve been obsessed with avocados for as long as I can remember. You can literally use avocados in almost anything! Even as a butter replacement in dessert. They are the best superfood out there and they taste great. Plus who doesn’t love a big bowl of guacamole?

So, when I was approached to write my first cookbook, I jokingly said I wanted to write about avocados and a few hours later my agent was calling me with contracts.

Absolutely Avocados took about five months to write and test, and then another few months to edit and shoot photography. It was a crazy amount of work to do while I was still working as a private chef in Beverly Hills, running my food blog and planning my wedding at the same time.

My husband, Thomas Dawson ’07, is my chief taste tester, website developer, plus full-time ad executive—a big job. I think we ate over 500 avocados during the recipe testing and photography for the book and probably dozens more during my book tour.

To be honest, I just stumbled into the food world. I’ve always been obsessed with food; cooking for my friends in college was my favorite thing to do. I absolutely did not like my first job out of college, so I left and went to culinary arts school. I also applied to be a private chef for a family in Malibu. That’s where everything started. I worked with a few amazing celebrity clients in L.A. over the years as a private chef and now I just work full time for myself. My blog—“What’s Gaby Cooking?”—is my life!

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-Gaby Dalkin ’08