Fall 2011

This issue of the Saint Mary’s magazine celebrates game changers—people who leap over barriers, change lives and the way we see ourselves and others, or bring fresh eyes to the landscape that sustains us. Read the pdf version.

Real World 101
"I love fighting for these people and not letting the system take advantage of them..."

Why Teach?
An update on five alumni dedicated to a challenging profession.

Doing Good Is in the Details
The little boy haunted their dreams. Both Dani Lucier '11 and Professor Shawny Anderson, unbeknownst to each other, had dreams about the toddler they'd met in Haiti while on a summer service trip not long after the earthquake there in January 2010.

Immersed in a Mission of Hope
We hit the ground running as soon as we arrived, bleary-eyed, in Sri Lanka after days of travel. Our main assignment was to teach English in Mannar a small, predominantly Tamil district in the north of the country. We were there to help the Christian Brothers in their mission to provide better lives for the children orphaned and traumatized by a long civil war.

Faculty Profile: Kusum Singh
Professor Kusum Singh” who taught Gandhian ethics and theory at Saint Mary's for 27 years always felt she had a guardian angel, whom she called on frequently during her life. Her story spans her homeland's struggle for independence and her own quest for education and career.

The Game Changer: John Henry Johnson (1929 - 2011)
This season the San Francisco 49ers are wearing the number 35 on their helmets to honor former 49er John Henry Johnson, who wore that uniform number throughout his professional career and as the first African-American to play football at Saint Mary's College.

Saint Mary's Debuts New Museum of Art
Saint Mary's unveiled the newly expanded and renamed Saint Mary's College Museum of Art. The October 2 grand opening featured a special 100th anniversary exhibition of the paintings of William Keith. The $600,000 expansion of the Hearst Gallery has created two new galleries and increased exhibition space by about 80 percent.