Winter 2012

Every day we bump against other worlds we barely understand and sometimes fail to notice. This issue of the Saint Mary’s magazine touches on some of the distinctly separate worlds that intersect on this campus. View a spread of the Winter 2012 edition

Science with a Twist
Science education at Saint Mary’s is entwined with the other liberal arts. For alumni in science careers, that made all the difference.

New Watershed for River of Words
A successful national program that inspires children’s art and literature about the natural world moves to Saint Mary’s.

Wild Saint Mary's
The campus is home to the College community, but also to cheeky denizens of the natural world.

A Field Guide to Student Life
Characteristics and behaviors of today’s Gael students captured in their natural environment. Plus, students' video guides to life at Saint Mary's.

Twenty Years of Faraway Places
Biology Professor Carla Bossard has led 20 January Term travel courses to faraway places with strange sounding names, and under her enthusiastic guidance, generations of students have been introduced to the wider world.

Carlo Beckman’s Second Life
Carlo Beckman ’05 MA ’10 has reinvented himself many times in his quest to follow his dreams, and Saint Mary’s has been a key player in several of those transformations.

A Life of Faith and Adventure 1949-2011
Brother Donald Mansir, a much-loved Saint Mary’s professor, died of cancer on October 8, 2011. To honor his memory, we offer here photos from his life and excerpts from eulogies by Brother President Ronald Gallagher and Brother Richard Lemberg.

2007 Brother Timothy Cabernet Supports Scholarships
With a deep luminous core and a bright cherry/plum nose, the 2007 Brother Timothy Cabernet Sauvignon is ready to debut and begin fueling scholarships for Saint Mary’s students.