Fall 2013 Letters to the Editor

I Was a “Day Dog”

Just got the magazine. Great job! The articles make me proud to be an SMC alumnus.

Your Summer 2013 issue prompted me to dig up my 1941 yearbook, The Gael. I was surprised, having forgotten that I had contributed a story and a poem to the issue. What got me to SMC in 1937 was a visit from two cousins, John and Frank Soares, who were students there and persuaded me to apply. I took the admittance test and passed, barely.

I was a “day dog,” not a boarder at the College. I took the Sacramento Northern Short-Line train from Oakland to Saint Mary’s. The train conductor got off there, too, he being a part-time student. In my junior year the train stopped running and I hitchhiked to school, getting picked up along the way by students driving from San Francisco.

I joined the staff of The Collegian, the student weekly, in my freshman year. I was appointed editor in my junior year, the first time a junior had served in that post, and continued as editor in my senior year. The Depression was still on during my junior year and I couldn’t find a job that summer. I wrote to Brother Bernard, the Collegian’s moderator, stating that, unable to find a job, I couldn’t afford to return in the fall, so he arranged for a tuition-paid job with the college’s public relations 
director, Havelock Hunter.

My job was to write news releases and edit The Collegian. One of the perks as editor was a dormitory room.

Tuition at that time was only $82.50 a semester, compared with the several thousands of dollars today. It was men-only then. A couple of years ago I attended a college reunion at Moraga and the only ones from the class of ’41 there were Brother Dominic Ruegg and me. I wonder how many are still living?

-Lionel Holmes ’41


Roundtable Wasn’t Balanced

The “Roundtable” on immigration was embarrassingly one-sided. The difference is not between the rightness of welcoming and the notion of deprivation. The questions are:

  • Should we have a policy of unlimited immigration?
  • If not, what rules should determine who is admitted?
  • Should those who break the rules be favored over those who follow them?

I expect a Roundtable to provide a balance of rational ideas. Of the ten people quoted, only two were not on your side of the table. Those two were not chosen from those most able to articulate another point of view.

-Tom Kiley ’60


Doctrines of Relativism

I just received the most recent edition of the Saint Mary’s College magazine.   I was fortunate to have worked at St. Mary’s College High School in Berkeley and I received a master’s degree in counseling at the College in 1994.  I have not had a successful professional career but consider myself a devout Catholic and have worked hard to raise five children and now am sending my children to Catholic universities that adhere to the teachings of the Church. The picture of a  young lady holding a sign and claiming to be Catholic and pro-choice has no place in a Catholic publication and I will not recommend the school to any Catholic student, nor support it financially as long as Saint Mary’s espouses its doctrines of relativism.

-Kenneth Kietzman, MA  ’94

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