Fine Dining at Strip Mall

A little heart
written in pebbles
beside California laurels.

(Spreading branches
into filtered brightness, spicy
foliage, menthol for rubbing

compounds, medicinal:
to stimulate growth or multiply.
“Rebels without factories

shut down factories of the self.”
The way the heart can simply shut down.
Drunken boys from town.

(bottles clinking)
The deeper part of a working body
letting main currents flow.

-Chris Sindt
The author of a collection of poems entitled The Bodies, Sindt is an associate professor of English and vice provost for graduate and professional studies at Saint Mary’s.

A Note from the Poetry editor:

Dear Readers,

We plan to feature poems by faculty and staff poets for the next few issues. This piece by Christopher Sindt is from a collection in progress; his work often foregrounds the intimate spiritual and ecological relationships between human and non-human landscapes.
-Brenda Hillman, poetry editor, Olivia Filippi Chair in Poetry and director of the MFA Program