It Is Tuesday


time treeFrom room to room
after you left
I wandered a while
in the hours
I have cooked
the mushroom soup
as instructed
picked up a paperback
I once read
but forgot
had some coffee
it is quiet
I don’t know why
all afternoon
I think of you
in the traffic
the rain
peacefully falling
like some plastic beads
from the ’70s
when they took all the doors
off the closets
and our parents smoked
all night downstairs
and laughed too loud
we couldn’t hear
what they were
and what they knew
if you hate me
it must be
for ancient reasons


-Matthew Zapruder is the author of four collections of poetry, most recently Come On All You Ghosts (Copper Canyon 2010), a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, and Sun Bear, forthcoming from Copper Canyon in spring 2014. A member of the full-time faculty at Saint Mary’s College, he is also a senior editor at Wave Books. He lives in Oakland.