The Cross Walk

Being up at the cross is like peering through a powerful looking glass through which I can see the entire history of Saint Mary’s. When I’m there, layers of history shared with me by generations of Gaels come to life. Somehow, the view is different every time—the aromas change, my imagination morphs—but there is a sense of continuity, too. I am grounded in the College’s heritage and the history of this land and the people who have passed this way over the many years. And I remember the groups of new students we used to assemble around the cross during orientation to teach them the old Will Stevens fight song. From that epic cross, standing as a sacred beacon in the sunset, we sang, “From Moraga’s hills sounds the call afar, In defeat or victory it’s ‘Hail, Saint Mary’s, Hail!’”

-Ron Turner ’79
Turner is a special gifts officer in the SMC Office of College Advancement.