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Fall 2016

From Our Readers

"Now at age 97, I don’t know if I’ll see any more issues of the Saint Mary’s magazine, but you can’t beat the summer 2016 issue. It chronicles what a great university it is, far more so than the small men-only college when I graduated in 1941. Congratulations for a great job!" —Lionel Holmes ’41, Sacramento

Reading Saint Mary’s summer 2016 magazine, I was pleasantly surprised to see my daughter-in-law Katherine’s letter to you about my book—Caught in the Fuik: Tales From My Past. An article in the fall 2014 issue about students in the MFA in Creative Writing program teaching the elderly to “Write a Life” inspired me to write my book. I am overwhelmed with such privilege. Thank you so much. —Mary Van Diepen


Spring 2016


Brother Michael Avila—one of our inspirational professors.

We shared the 2014-2015 Annual Report:
Join us this week as we celebrate an #SMCBoldFuture. Tell us which professors helped you dream big.

What did you say?

Professor Tierney/Field and Sister Carolyn! and Professor Cowan! —cunger14

Dr. Brossard —Bajanousek

Professors King, Metherd, and Witzig! —Kaitlynkelliott

Colin Chan Redemer! —disneydoll024

Professor Frank Murray —g_starlet

Professor Field! —mons3

Professor Patrizia Longo and Professor Michael Barram! —Pdggoodwin

Queen Witzig 4 Eva —Kathgman

Brother Michael Avila —Megansmat

Professor Naoko Uehara for expanding my world view, Dr. Patricia Jackson for always believing in the bright future of her students and former Professor William Halpin who proves that you can pursue a goal at any stage of life —thuyp13

BENIN —molbakesisagin



We shared “Cutting-Edge Anatomy” from the fall 2015 issue:
Cadavers? 3-D imaging? It's just a typical day in this Saint Mary’s human anatomy class.

What did you say?

Professor Greg Smith! My all time favorite SMC class (anatomy) and professor smile emoticon I learned so much from the hands on cadaver lab. Thank you, Greg and SMC! —Sandra Suzy Griffin

Sandra - me too he was the best professor ever, I learned so much from him —Adam Gentry

This is why I was a Business Management major at St Mary's. We only dissected spread sheets. —Ron Saxton

This was an amazing class! —Kathleen Renee

First, I want to reiterate what a nice job you and your staff did with the article about my Advanced Anatomy course and my students. I have received a lot of compliments which reflects the care that went into the article.

But, there was another plus to the article and that is I have received many, many emails from former anatomy students, some of whom participated in independent studies which was how the cadavers were dissected before I created the Advanced Anatomy course. And when I say former students, I mean some from up to 25 years ago. They talked fondly of spending hours learning anatomy but they are also jealous of the laboratory facilities and the iPad/3D projection setups that my students now have available. What is nice is that some of these former students are planning to visit to catch up and to see the resources that I and my students are fortunate to have.

Professor Greg Smith, via email


Brenda Hillman

We shared:

SMC professor and award-winning poet Brenda Hillman has been named chancellor of the Academy of American Poets, an esteemed position held by some of the most distinguished poets in the United States. In her role, Brenda will consult with the organization on artistic programming, serve as a judge for the organization’s largest prizes for poets, and act as ambassador of poetry in the world at large.

What did you say?

Brava! Professor, your poetry and teaching continue to inspire me, going back to my studies with you at the Napa Valley Summer Poetry Intensive. As a Saint Mary's parent of an aspiring poet (Stephanie Strick), we both send you our heartfelt congratulations. —Janis Rader

Wonderful! I treasure the time I spent in Jan Term learning about poetry with Brenda Hillman. —Jennifer Padilla-Burger

How wonderful! I have always recalled my time in Brenda's class with deep fondness...nearly 20 years ago, now. I learned so much about how to put myself and my world down on paper from her! —Jodie Aranda

What a wonderful woman she is. I am trying to visualize how she walks in the path of her academic life. The challenge, the success, the pain, the joyful moment. I am clapping my hands. —Temesgen Getahun

Awesome!!!!! I LOVED her classes!!! She completely deserves this!!!! —Mary Ghiglione Peterson

Fantastic! Very proud my child goes to Saint Mary's! —Sheila Patel