Saint Mary's Offers New Summer Session for Undergraduates

By Erin Hallissy

For the first time, Saint Mary's is offering a summer session to help students graduate on time.

Each year, about 70 students many with heavy activity loads or double majors don't graduate with their class, often because they lack one upper-division class or credit.

"Many students want to accelerate their coursework toward graduation; others will benefit from a summer session to help them graduate on time," says Vice Provost Frances Sweeney. "Given the economic stresses facing students and families, this is another way to help students with access to courses, and most of the courses are upper-division, so they are not available at community colleges."

The inaugural summer session will be from June 1 to 26. Most classes will be held Mondays through Thursdays from 9 a.m. until noon.

Faculty and staff worked together to identify courses and develop a program that would meet students' needs, including housing and tutorial services, Sweeney says.

The upper-division offerings this year include courses in biology, business administration, communication, January Term, kinesiology, psychology, and theology and religious studies.

Lower-division courses include biology, composition, kinesiology, Spanish, and theology and religious studies.

The tuition is $2,465 per course, which is based on the College's open enrollment fee. Up to 40 beds will be provided for those who want to live on campus.