Saint Mary's Rugby Alumni Association

     We welcome you once again to the 10th annual Pat Vincent Dinner where each Fall we celebrate the legacy of the storied Saint Mary’s College Rugby program, now in its 64th consecutive season.  We congratulate our players and coaches for three recent national championships and beating Cal two consecutive years.  We also take this opportunity to thank the SMC administration and athletic department for making saint Mary’s Stadium available for rugby for the past four seasons.

     The Saint Mary's College Rugby Football Club has always had tireless leaders, passionate alumni, supportive friends, and determined players. Under the leadership of Coaches Tim O’Brien, Johnny Everett, Mark Bass, and former players Brendon O’Meara and Andrew Cook, the Club continues to tactically and physically dominate its opposition, and maintain its national prominence. This year Division IA includes every significant college and university in the United States (all much larger in size) which raises our challenge to an even higher level. It is only with your help that we can provide the necessary level of support so that the young men wearing the same Gaels’ colors you wore are able to enjoy the most enriching collegiate rugby experience.

     In 2008, a group of committed rugby alumni formed the Saint Mary’s College Rugby Alumni Association (SMCRAA) comprised of former players, college administrators, parents and coaches. The SMCAA Board of Directors, spanning six decades of alumni, works with the college administration and athletic department to enable our players to achieve the highest possible levels of success through fundraising, social events, mentoring, communications, and facility improvements.  Every year since 2008, we have surpassed our annual fund raising goals and in the last five years we have exceeded $300,000 in contributions to fund the needs of the Gael rugby program. These funds allow the Gaels to remain competitive at the national level and enable some players to participate who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

     Your generosity at last year’s Pat Vincent Dinner raised over $125,000.00 to benefit the Rugby program. Tonight’s proceeds are again dedicated to the Rugby Club Fund and the Pat Vincent Endowment. The Pat Vincent Endowment was created over thirty years ago to support travel opportunities for the program including the Spring Tour, which most of you experienced in your time as a Gael rugger.

     We reach out to you, the entire rugby community, to elevate the experience for today’s players, so that they may develop the leadership skills and character that is consistent with the LaSallian teachings of the Christian Brothers, the vision of Pat Vincent and the goals of the SMCRAA.

     We thank you for your continued support and commitment to the perpetual success of the program and most importantly, to allow the young men of today to carry on our tradition in the quest for another national championship!


2018-2019 Board Members

Jerry Murphy, ‘72 Chairman

Paul Stich, ‘79  Vice Chairman

Jim Sell, ‘85 Secretary

Will LaHerran, ‘87 Treasurer

Matt Heafey, ‘88 Events

Michael Mulcahy, ’74 Development

Tom Oneto, ‘65 Mentoring

Marty Myers, ‘69 Mentoring

Ken Weseloh, ‘77 Season Tickets

Brian Ward, ‘89 Communication

Bob Lenz, ‘86 Clubhouse Development

Bill Yungert, Parent Liason

Tim O’brien, Head Coach

Johnny Everett, Coach

Marty Storti,‘85 Senior Assos AD

Thomas Carroll, ‘04 Development


Andrew Cook ’11

Bill Wright ’88

Charlie Moore ‘70

Cole Ogando ’02

Cory Sichi ‘06

Dan Reilly

Derek Holmberg ‘99

Fred Furlong ’70

Geordie Hawkins ’83

George O’Neill

Jim Diamantine ‘64

Jim togneri ‘70

Joe Midtlyng ’06

Joe Wright ‘83

John Moran ‘77

Larry Appel ’64

Mike Haley

Mike Wise ‘83

Rob Carlson ‘11