Add a Calendar Event

Events and Calendars with *New* Features!

Learn how to post an event to the SMC calendar and to a department calendar.

Step 1 - Get started

A. Log into Salli and click on the Content Dashboard link at the top left of the page.

B. Click on the Add a New Event button under "Manage Your Calendars & Events."


Step 2 - Fill in the basic info

A. Start with the Basic tab when creating your event. Enter the Title of your event. 

B. Next select the Dates & Times. We highly suggest selecting the end date and time. If your event has multiple dates and times along with the same location and description info, click the Add Another Date & Time button to enter the info. If your event with multiple dates require different descriptions or locations, please create a separate event. For example, if the SMC Jazz Band is performing a series of shows in different locations, separate events should be created.


C. Next is the Description. If you want to include an image, please do not use the same image you're using for the event's thumbnail, which will appear at the top of the event page. When using an image, go with something relatively small in size. Do not use sponsor logos in the description section - you will add those later in the sponsor sidebar on the event page. If you need help adding an image to your description, see the general instructions for adding an image to the body areaIf you are using multiple images (for example, a conference with multiple speakers), align all the images to the same side.

Another thing to keep is mind is to avoid using header text in your description, as it will create oddities in the text flow of the event page. If your description text has sections, you can bolden text to break up those sections instead of using headers. Here's a look at how and where description text will appear on your event.


D. If you have a Video relevant to the event, you can paste in the web address of the YouTube or Vimeo video. Doing this will automatically embed the video into your event’s page.


E. Next upload your two images. The Calendar Thumbnail will appear in your department's calendar and any other calendar you set up your event for. Please use a square image, as it will be re-sized to 130x130 pixels.

The Event Image will live on your event page. The size of the image can range, but we recommend something between 200 and 300 pixels. If it's a large image, it will be resized to be at most 410 pixels wide or 410 pixels tall, whichever is greatest.

When uploading images, opt to not display captions.


F. Have a pdf, Excel, or Word document that you'd like to link to on the event page? Under Downloadable Files is where you'll want to attach pdfs, Word documents and other files of items that can range from speaker bios to event flyers. Click Choose File and upload the file. You can have the event page display the file. Or if you'd rather it not display, you can link to it instead. To do that, uncheck the "Display" box, right-click the file name, open it into a new tab and copy the URL of the file. Then link to it by going to the Description box and pasting the link in the text. 


G. Include your contact info and please do not upload any images into this section. Include your name, phone and email. If there are more than one contact, list each person.

H. If there is a webpage for people to RSVP to, you can use this section to include a title and web address that directs people to either a Salli form or an external registration site.


Step 3- Have your event appear in calendars

A. Select which area of the SMC website to which your event belongs to. The name of the area you choose will appear in the top right of your event page. For example, someone creating a Museum event would select the Museum area, which will then place the area's name in the upper right of the page.


B. Once you do that, select other area calendars that are relevant to your event. To select multiple calendars hold the “command” key if using a Mac, or “control” if using a PC, and click as you scroll. 

Tip: To include your event on the SMC Calendar be sure to also select "News and Events." If you do not see "News and Events" as an option in your Group Audience list, ask for access through the Web Help FormThe Office of College Communications uses the SMC Calendar to populate the SMC Bulletin events each week.


C. Select the Location of your event. You can choose from off-campus, on-campus and online.

If Off-campus, please provide the full address. A link to the Google Map will automatically be generated. You can also paste in a link to a third-party map if you want.


Is it On-campus? Please include which campus building the event is in.


If your event is Online, include the link of the event's location.


D. Identify your Event Types that fit with your event. These will enable people to find your event when they search all calendars. To select multiple event types, hold the “command” key if using a Mac, or “control” if using a PC, and click as you scroll.

event types

E. The event’s visibility is defaulted to public and is the most recommended option. The private option would require an SMC login for people to view your event. The unlisted option is for those rare times you don't want your event to appear on a calendar but you only want an event URL you can send to people.

Step 4 - Include sponsors and related events

A: Have sponsors? Click on the Layout tab in the upper left. Upload small images of their logos and link the logos to their websites. Do this by highlighting each logo and creating a link. For image logos, we recommend images no more than 150 pixels. If you have different levels of sponsors, separate them by using "Heading 4."

B: Want to highlight upcoming related events? Feature them in the sidebar of your event by filling out this section. Click Add another item if you have multiple related events you want included.


Step 5 - How does it look?

If everything is in order, click Save at the bottom of the page to publish your event. You will then see your event page. You can select the Add to Calendar button to embed it into your personal calendar in Google, Yahoo, iCal, and others. 

Step 6 - Check that your event appears

Does your event appear in a calendar like you hoped it would? If not, double check that your filters for location, area, and event types of your event matches the calendars you're targeting. Are you stuck? Let us know through the Web Help Form.