Add Buttons

Want to encourage visitors to apply, sign up for an information session or take another action on your pages? We have a standard set of button options on the SMC site. 

How to Add a Button

Button Best Practices

We recommend using no more than three buttons in a sidebar and use buttons sparingly and intentionally, so users are drawn to the action and are not asked to take action on multiple things on one page unless necessary.

When using multiple buttons we recommend grouping them together and spacing them using the tip below. If you wish to use a red background button in addition to the standard buttons we recommend following the same spacing approach between them.

The call to action text should one to three words at most.

They may be used in the right sidebar or in the body area of a page. 


Helpful Hints

Stacking Standard and Give Now Buttons

To stack your buttons on top of each other just click "shift" & "enter" (or "return") between text links. If you just click "enter" in between your text links the space will be too large.

If you already have an existing button on your page and want to add another button right below it you will need to delete the current button and start from scratch or else the spacing will be off and a phantom "half button" may appear.

After you delete your existing button then type in the text for the two buttons and click "shift" & "enter" (or "return") between the text links. Next follow the steps above to turn your text links into buttons.