Add a Link

Learn how to add hyperlinks in the body area of your pages.

Including links strategically in your body copy helps your visitors navigate through your web pages. You can link actions, names of groups, events, and descriptive text. For example, if your text mentions "Saint Mary's College," you can insert a link where the copy states Saint Mary's College. Another approach would be to create a bullet list of links:

Get started by following these steps:

Step 1

Select the text that you want to use as your link text.  This is the bit of text that the user will click on.  Click the "Insert/edit link" button.

Step 2

In the "Link URL" field, enter the URL for the page you want to link to.  If you are linking to an external site, be sure to include the entire URL (eg:  If you are linking to another SMC page be sure to use the "friendly URL" - the version of the URL that includes the title of your page rather than something such as "node/1234."

Step 3

In the "Target" dropdown, make a selection for opening your link in the same window or in a new window.  If you are linking to an external page, choose "Open in new window/frame."  If you are linking to another SMC page, stick with the default of "Open in this window/frame."

Step 4

In the "Title" field, enter a title for the link. This is a necessary component to make our website accessible to those using alternate web browsers and is essential for site visitors with disabilities, for which the SMC site must be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

To link your text to an external website such as Google, enter the entire web address into the "Link URL" column. If it is an internal web page, enter only the characters after the first backslash "/" of the web page.

External link example:

Internal link example:

 internal link

Ignore the "Class" dropdown, and click "Insert."  Your link is now on your page!  It won't be clickable in the edit mode - you'll have to save your page and view it to make sure it's linking to the proper place.

Step 5

If you need to edit a link, jump back to the edit screen. Click anywhere within in the link text, and click the "Insert/edit link" button. The menu will pop up with the information you entered when you inserted the link. Make your edits and click the "Update" button.

Step 6

If you need to remove your link altogether, click anywhere in the link text, and click the "Remove link" button.  Your link should be gone!