Add a Page

Learn how to add a new page and place it in navigation.

Step 1

a.) Make your way to the content dashboard.  If you're signed in, you can get there by clicking the link at the top left of your window, in the grey toolbar.  You can also get to the content dashboard via this direct link:

b.) Click on the "Add a New Page" button.


Step 2 - Fill out your page.

There are 3 tabs on the page edit screen. We will go over all three here. Note you do not have to fill out every tab in order to create a new page.


a) Basic Content Tab

On the Basic tab you must fill out everything that has a red asterisk next to it (Title and Opening Paragraph).

The Opening Paragraph must be filled out. Please note that the opening paragraph only allows for text and links. All other enhancements (images, tables, etc.) will be deleted once you save and publish.

Make your page private (only available to those with an SMC username and password) by checking the "Make this post private" checkbox near the bottom of this tab.


Note: At this point if you are creating just a basic page you can skip ahead to Step 3 to Save and Publish.
The following two tabs are optional and allow you to add video, files and content into your sidebars.


b.) Images and Media Tab (optional)

On this tab you will be able to paste in a video url or add a new file, such as a pdf.


c.) Layout Tab (optional)

On the layout tab you can add a header image, add content to the left and right sidebars and add custom information into the body controller area.


Step 3 - Save to publish

When you are done click the "Save" button at the top right of your edit screen to publish. Your page is now live!


Step 4 - Place your page in navigation

Click "Place in Navigation", either in the yellow editing toolbar or in the green box above the page title.  Drag and drop your page to the proper place in the navigation.  Click the "Save navigation" button at the bottom of the navigation list.