Add a Video

Images are great. Videos are better!

This is a tutorial on how to upload your video onto the SMC website.
This is not a tutorial on how to create or edit a video (that would be a whole class!).


All About Videos on the Website

A video can live within a page.

Or a video can live on its own page. Take a look at this snow video as an example.

If you have more than one video on its own page, assigned to the same area, you can create a Video Gallery.


How to Add a Video

Step 1

Videos are to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo before placing them on Salli. Please visit those sites for more information on how to upload your video.

Step 2

Once your video has been uploaded you'll need to grab the url of the video.

On YouTube click on the (a below) the share link, this will then display the url. Next (b below) copy (ctrl c) the url that is displayed.

On Vimeo you can simply copy the url of your video found at the top of your browser.


Step 3 - Where do you want to display this video?

Option 1 - on an existing page (or event, or area landing page) or
Option 2 - have the video live on its own page.

Now that you have a url for your video you can place it into Salli. Choose where you want to place it using option 1 or option 2 below.


Option 1
Placing the video on an existing page (event, area landing page, etc)

a. Once you have logged in to Salli go to the existing page you would like to place the video on and click on the "edit" link at the top of the page which appears in the yellow box.

b. Click on the "Images and Media" tab. Paste your video link into the "Video link" field. 

c. Click save to have your video displayed.


Option 2
Placing the video on its own page

Why would you want to do that?
So that you can add it to right sidebar feeds, so you can create a video gallery and so it can have its own url.

a. Add a Video
Go to the dashboard by clicking on the "Content Dashboard" link at the top left of the page.
Click on the Add Video button.

b. Basics Tab
On the Basic tab you must fill out everything that has a red asterisk next to it.
Be sure to also select your Group Audience so it will be displayed within your site.

c. Video Tab
Place in your copied url from YouTube or Vimeo here.

d. Layout Tab (optional)
Note: If you choose to display elements in your right sidebar the video will display smaller in size to accommodate  for this additional content. Without the sidebar your video will display at 590x335. With the sidebar showing it will display at 355x200.

e. Save
Click the Save button at the top right to publish your video.



Can I place more than one video on an existing page?
No. As an end user you can not place more than one video on a page. However please contact Web Services and they will be able to do this for you.
Note that if you have more than one video you might want to start a video gallery page.

How do I create a video gallery?
First you need to upload your video using option 2 above. Make sure you check the "highlight this" box on the basics tab. Then you'll need to display your video on a right sidebar. Once dislayed click on the "More Videos" link. This will lead you to your video gallery which is automatically created once you create a video. To add more videos to this gallery just assign the videos to the same group audience.

Can I add a video to my left sidebar?
No. You can only add video highlights on the right sidebar.