Add an Alumni Testimonial

Learn how to add a new Alumni Testimonial.

All About Alumni Testimonials

Here are some examples of what Alumni Testimonials look like:

With One Portrait

With Multiple Pictures


Step 1

Select "Content Dashboard" in the top left corner of the page.

Step 2

Select "Add a Testimonial".

Step 3

Begin with your "Basic Content" and fill out the required fields that have red asterisks. Once you being filling out the "Body" section, add an image to be shown on the page. For more information on how to add an image to the page, click here.

Step 4

Further down the "Basic Content" page you will see a Degree option. Select the alumni's major and year of graduation. If they had a second major or minor, select "Add Another Item" and fill that section out.

Step 5

Just below "Degree" is "Groups Audience". Here, you should select which particular department this Alumni Testimonial will appeal to.

Step 6 & 7

After you have finished your "Basic Content", go to the top of the page to select "Images and Media". Then you will "Select Media", an image of the Alumni.

Step 8

After adding your image, select "Layout" to choose which type of "Right Sidebar Content" you prefer. This will highlight content for the Alumni Testimonial page.

Step 9

After selecting your "Sidebar Content", return to the top of the page and click "Save".

Now your new Alumni Testimonial is ready to view!