Add an Announcement

Learn how to post a College Announcement that appears in the My Saint Mary’s page and/or the Bulletin email that goes out every Monday. 

Have a piece of news that you'd like the Saint Mary's campus to know about? One great way to do that is by posting a College Announcement. To begin, you must be a Salli editor. If you don’t have editing access, but you should, submit a request via the Web Help Form.

Create a College Announcement

A College Announcement is a short message (not an event) you want to share with the campus community. A College Announcement should be punchy and to-the-point, and, if needed, it can link to a page for more information. If your announcement is related to a new policy, your announcement should be a quick blurb that then links to a separate page that contains the detailed policy. 

Interested in creating an event instead? Here's the tutorial.

Step 1

To get started, log into Salli and go to your Content Dashboard. Then click the “Add a College Announcement” button.

college announcement

Step 2

Give your College Announcement a title. It should only be four or five words. The title will be what will display on the My Saint Mary’s page and/or the Bulletin if you opt to have the announcement display there.

Step 3

Next, put your short message in the body. You’ll notice there is a limit of 450 characters. This is to keep announcements short and sweet. Bear in mind character limits count HTML, so code used for stylings or hyperlinks will also be counted.

college announcements

A new, simple and still-optional contact field (name, title, email, office phone, cell phone, address) will make College Announcements consistent with the way contact information is entered across content types in Salli:


Tag It

Step 4

Now it’s time to select the tags. This is how you get your College Announcement to appear in the Monday Bulletin and the upper right box of My Saint Mary's.

To do this, simply check where you want it to appear. If your announcement is for students only, you can check the Students box to have it display on the student view of My Saint Mary’s. Likewise for staff and faculty. To get it into the following Monday’s Bulletin, please post your announcement by the previous Thursday and check SMC Bulletin.


Next select the Group Audience, which is based on the content in the body of the College Announcement.

Finished? Click the Save button. Nicely done! 

Keep in Mind

College Announcements you create will expire and disappear from Salli after six weeks. This will help avoid old content from cluttering up the Saint Mary’s site and search results. College Announcements are intended to function as a quick call to attention rather than a piece of content that lives on forever.

Questions? Submit any problems through the Web Help Form.