Add an Image Gallery

NEW! Batch Image uploading. See step 3 below for more details on how to upload multiple images at once.

Image galleries are a great way to tell a visual story. Learn the steps to creating an image gallery below.

Image gallery examples:
Undergraduate Commencement
Selection Sunday
Pam Glover Gallery
Academics gallery of image galleries


Create Your Image Gallery


Step 1

Click on the "Content Dashboard" at the top of your page (you must be logged in to see this link). Then select "Add a new gallery".


Once the Create Image Gallery edit page has opened you will notice there are two tabs at the top which are the "Basic Content" tab and the "Files and Video" tab.

Step 2

Fill in the Basic Content tab.

At the bottom of this tab be sure to:

- Select your "Groups audience"
- Check the box to make the image gallery private.
- Check the "Highlight this" box if you want this image gallery to display in the sidebar of the group audience you have selected. (This is a two step process, you will also need to turn on image galleries on the page you want it to be displayed on).


Step 3

After you have filled out information in the "Basic content" tab go to the next tab called "Files and Video". Click on this tab.

 This tab is made up of two components.

1. Images - Here is where you will add all of your images. When you click on the "Add media" button a pop-up window will appear and you will be able to batch upload your images. Read more about the specifics for uploading images under the "Upload your images" section below.

2. Thumbnail Image - Don't forget to add this one very important image to your gallery. This is the "thumbnail" image that appears on your gallery of galleries page. For example on this page, Academic Image Galleries, these images are all thumbnails for each of the Academic's individual image galleries.

Upload your images

To upload your images click on the "Add media" button (number 1 above found under the Files and Video tab).

A popup window for uploading images will appear.


A. Upload your images.
There are two ways to upload all of your images at once.

  • A1. Drag and Drop Image Upload -On your computer go to the folder which holds all of your image gallery images. Highlight the ones you want to upload by either click dragging your mouse over the images or by holding the ctrl button down while clicking each image with your mouse.
    Take your highlighted images and drag them directly onto the "Drag files here" text.
  • A2. Add files Image Upload - If you prefer not to drag and drop you can alternatively click on the "Add files" link. This will allow you to browse to your image folder and select your images for upload. To select multiple images hold down the ctrl button while selecting your images.

B. Bulk Caption/Credit/Sharing - Add a caption, credit or share your image by filling in these fields. If you add these in here they will apply to ALL of the images in your gallery.

  • B1. Captions - Captions are required for all images to meet site accessibility requirements. The caption you enter here will be applied to all of the images you are uploading
  • B2. Display Caption options - If you would like to hide your caption select "No" from the dropdown.
  • B3. Credit - Place in photography credits here. The credit you enter here will be applied to all of the images you are uploading. This is not required.
  • B4. Image Sharing - Check the box if you would like to place your image into the site image pool for all users to share.

C. Tags - Add descriptive keywords to your images so you, and others, can search and find them later.

D. Group - You must add a group to your images. Without this group designation you will not be able to find and search these images later.

E. Start Upload - Click "Start Upload" to upload your images and close this pop-up window.
Note this will only upload your images, you will still need to click the "Save" button to publish your image gallery.


Final Step

Click the "Save" button, on either the Basic Tab or Images and Media tab to save and publish your image gallery.




How do I highlight this gallery on one of my pages?
Go to your image gallery and click on the "highlight this" button at the bottom of your gallery.
Next go to the page you want the gallery to be highlighted on. 
Click edit, go to the layout tab, click on the left sidebar content link and check the box that says  "Most Recent Highlighted Image Gallery", click save.