Image Captions and Credits

You can now add a descriptive caption and photographer credit to the majority of your images. 

As of February 13, 2013 captions will be required for all images to meet site accessibility requirements.
Learn how to add captions and credits to NEW images as well as EXISTING images below.


Adding captions and credits to NEW images

Adding captions and credits is now a part of the image uploading process. After you click on the mountain icon and upload your image you will see the screen below. Here is where you can add in your caption (description of the image), your credit (the photographer of the image) and/or image tags. Image tags will help you, and others, find this image again during an image search. Image tags are not displayed on  your pages.
For a step by step process on how to add images and captions see our image uploading process tutorial.


Adding captions and credits to EXISTING images


Images found in the Body or Sidebar
If the image has been uploaded into a body area or sidebar then first click the edit button to edit the page. Once the edit screen appears follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Click on the image
Step 2 - Click on the tree icon and a pop up will appear
Step 3 - In the pop up you can choose to add, edit or display the caption and/or credit.



Where will image captions and credits be displayed and where won't they be displayed?

Captions and Credits

displayed here:                                         

Captions and Credits

NOT displayed here:

Area - body area/sidebar     Site Homepage Images
Pages - body area/sidebar  Area Headers
Events - body area/sidebar  Sidebar Image Gallery Highlight
Stories - body area/sidebar  Content Feature on Body Area
Alumni Testimonials - body area/sidebar  Video Galleries Images
SMC in the news - body area/sidebar  Gallery of Image Galleries Large Thumbnail
Gael Glimpes – body area/sidebar   
Image Galleries - on grid page   
Image Gallery -  light box popup  
Sidebar Image Gallery lightbox popup  
Page Headers