Image Search

Search the Salli site for all images you or others have uploaded. 

There are two ways to search images.

Option 1.
You can search only YOUR images by going to the "manage my images" link on the dashboard, see manage my images how to.

Option 2.
You can search YOUR images and SHARED images by clicking on the mountain icon, as you would do when uploading an image.  (You'll need to go into the edit screen of a page, event, etc. to find this mountain icon)

After you click on the mountain image a pop up will appear. To search click on either the "Your Media" link or "Shared Media" link at the top of the window.

Below is a screenshot and description of the components of the search box after clicking on the mountain icon.

A. Your Media - searches images in the groups to which you belong

B. Shared Media - searches all images people have chosen to add to the shared media pool

C. Choose a Site - you can select a specific area of the site to search

D. Tags - Search by Tags (you can add tags to your photos for easier searching - see captions or manage my images)

E. Captions - Search by Caption (you can add captions to your photos for easier searching - see captions or manage my images)

F. Credit - Search by Credit(s) (you can add credits to your photos for easier searching - see captions or manage my images)

G. Keyword - Add your search term here. Note the tool works best when searching ONE keyword at a time.

H. Search - Click this button when ready to perform a search

I. Images - When the page loads initially (before you run a search) you will see those images that have been added most recently to the pool.  After performing a search your image search results will appear here.

J. Submit - When you find an image you want to add click on it and then click on the submit button.



Why am I not finding the image I am looking for?
Your search may return no results because the image you are seeking may not (yet) have search terms such as image tag, credit, caption or group audience associated with it. It may also be that you need to try a different search term. As more terms are added to images we expect your search for images to be increasingly useful.