Manage Your Images

Manage all of the images in the areas that you belong to. 

Access the Manage Your Images page by clicking the link on the content dashboard.

The new manage your images page will allow you to search images in areas that you belong to.

If you'd like to search shared images in areas that you do not belong to you can use the upload image search, see image search how to.

Adding/Editing Captions, Credits, Tags
It also allows you to add captions, credits or tags to your existing images. If you edit this area the changes will only be reflected on image gallery and header images.

If you need to update a caption, credit or tag on a page or sidebar you'll need to go to the page and edit it there, see captions how to.

Manage Your Images Overview

Below is a screenshot of the Manage Your Images page.


Go to the the "Manage Your Images" link on the Content Dashboard ».




Why am I not finding the image I am looking for?
Your search may return no results because the image you are seeking may not (yet) have search terms such as image tag, credit, caption or group audience associated with it. It may also be that you need to try a different search term. As more terms are added to images we expect your search for images to be increasingly useful.