Add an Image to Your Body Copy

Learn how to upload an image to the main body of your webpage. 

Step 1:

Locate the desired page and click Edit. 

Step 2:

Navigate to the section called Body and double-click in the space where you wish to place the photo. Then click the Mountain Image to upload your photo. 

Add Photo

Step 3:

To upload an image from your computer, click Choose File from the pop-up window, locate your image in your personal files and click Open. Click Submit. 

Step 4:

Finalize your photo with the following information:

  • Caption/Display: If you wish to have the caption visible underneath your image, click Yes; otherwise select No. All photos are required to have a caption, even if it is not visible. 
  • Credit: Fill in the credit with the photographer name. 
  • Tags: Add tags — keywords that will help you and others find this image through the image search. 
  • Share: Do you want your image to be shared with the SMC community? If so, check this box. It will be visible under the Shared Media pool where other editors can use. 
  • Group: Select a Group if you wish to find your image easily again. Navigate to Manage Your Images link on the content dashboard to view Group images. 

Step 5: 

Click Save. To make your image live, click Publish button at the top left of the page.