Add a Story

Add a story to contribute timely news the Saint Mary's College website.

Request Website Editing Access

To add a story to MySMC and the weekly all-campus email, you must have website editing permission.

  • Faculty & Staff: To request permission, submit a ticket here.
  • Students: Contact Student Involvement & Leadership at


Distributing Your Story

Add your story to the website by 9 am Monday morning to ensure it is automatically emailed to the entire Saint Mary's College community when the all-campus email is generated at noon. 


Adding a Story

To add a story to your department page, MySMC portal, and weekly emails, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Visit the Content Dashboard at the top of any page (you must be logged in).
  2. Choose Add A Story 
  3. Fill out the following information:
    • Story Name: Choose a Story Name that will immediately and succinctly tell your reader what your story is about. 
    • Byline: Add the name of the story author if applicable
    • Opening: You can use this area to introduce your story. 
    • Body: Add your story, photos, and any links to this area. 
    • Tags: Add tags to improve the search engine’s ability to find your story.
    • Groups Audience: If you would like your story to appear in multiple areas that you have access to, select the other areas here. (To select multiple areas, hold the "command" key if using a Mac or "Control" if using a PC and click as you scroll.)
  4. Select “Publish”