Call to Action (CTA) Blocks

Call to Action Blocks
















Step 1: 

Call to Action blocks can be added to a page, story, or area home. Navigate to the location you wish to add a Call to Action block. Choose Edit at the top of the screen (you must be logged in). 

Step 2:

On the left-hand side of the edit screen, choose Body Area Blocks. Next, select Highlighted Images and Text blocks from the Body Block drop-down menu. Click Add New Block.














Step 3:

A new block will appear.

CTA Block











Add the following information:

  • Text: This is an optional field, where you can add in text for instance a headline or quote (say you wanted to use this block soley to break up content on your page, you do not need text)
  • Font Size: Choose your preferred font size or for the default leave the dropdown at "none"
  • Title: This is an optional field, if you are attributing a quote you can add that here. If you would like a button add the call to action and then a URL in the next field
  • URL: This is an optional field, if you place a url here the text you added in the title field will become a button
  • Background Image: This is the image that will be placed behind your text. Reccomended width is 1400 pixels and miniumum hieght is 450 pixels
  • Overlay: This optional field if checked will place an SMC red background image of the image you upload. This can help make the text easier to read. 
  • Parrallax: This optional field is a technique in where background images scroll more slowly than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth. You can find an example in the Call to Action Block in Inclusive Excellence (updated April 2018)
  • Height: Although optional if you have text you should consider the height of the block as a percentage of the picture. 

Step 4: 

When finished, choose Publish or Save Draft in the top right-hand corner.