Create Image/Video Gallery

Image or Video Galleries can appear on an Area Home, Page or Story. You will need to first create an Image/Video Gallery and then post it in your desired location. 

To Create Image Gallery 

Step 1:

Navigate to the Content Dashboard (if you are a logged in Salli editor you will see a Dashboard link at the top of the screen) and select Add an Image Gallery.

Image Gallery

 Step 2:

Under the tab Basic Content, name the title of your Image Gallery, add a brief description, and select Groups Audience (the Group Audience is your area of the site).  

Step 3:

Navigate to Files and Video on the left navigation panel.
Upload your images to the Image Gallery by clicking the "Add media" button. Select Upload to upload the images. 

Image Gallery - Add Media

Step 4:

Upload a thumbnail image for the Image Gallery. This thumbnail image will appear on the department's image gallery page.

Image Gallery -  Thumbnail Image

Step 5:

Select Publish. 



To Create a Video Gallery 

Step 1:

Navigate to the Content Dashboard and select Videos.

Video Gallery

Step 2:

Name the title for a Video, add the URL, and select the Groups Audience. 

Step 3:

Click Publish

Post Your Image/Video Gallery

Now that you have created your Image Gallery or Video, you need to still post it to your desired location. 

Step 1:

Navigate to the page you wish to add an Image or Video Gallery then click Edit at the top. 

Step 2:

Choose Body Area Blocks, then the drop down under Block Type. Select Images Galleries or Video Gallery. Click Add New Block.

Post an Image/Video Gallery

Step 3:

Name the gallery to your choosing. Click Publish. The website will automatically populate Image Galleries or Videos for you.