Events have a date, time and location associated with them. They can be single or recurring. 

Step 1:

To create a new event navigate to the Content Dashboard at the top of any page (you must be logged in). Choose Add Event.

Managing Events

If you want to edit an existing event go to that event and click the edit button. You will only see the edit button if you are logged in and have permissions to edit that event.

 Step 2:

Fill out the following information:

Event Title

Dates and Times:

  • Select a beginning AND end date and time
  • If your event has multiple dates and times with the same location, click Add Another Date & Time button


  • Maximum of four sentences for the description 

Calendar Thumbnail:

  • This image is visible in the list view of the calendar. See example:

Example of calendar thumbnail image

Event Image: 

  • The Event Image will live on the event page


  • Do not use images in this area


  • If there is a webpage for people to RSVP to, use this section to include a title and web address that directs people to that location

Site Areas:

  • Site Areas refer to different locations on the website; examples include Admissions, Alumni, or even Salli Tutorials 
  • If you would like your event to appear on other calendars besides your own, select the other areas here. (To select multiple areas, hold the "command" key if using a Mac or "Control" if using a PC and click as you scroll.)
  • To include your event on the SMC Calendar, be sure to select "News and Events." If you do not see it as an option, ask for access through the Web Help Form. 

Event Type: 

  • Identify your Event Type, which will allow people to find your event when they search all calendars 


  • Select your location.  Location options are:
    • East Bay
    • Off-campus
    • On-campus
    • Online
    • Sacramento
    • San Francisco
    • South Bay
  • When you select any option above a corresponding field(s) will appear. For instance if you select "on-campus' it will then display options for adding the building and room number. If you select "online" it will then display a field to enter in an online link that will then display to the end user.
Step 3:
Click Publish.
Does your event appear in a calendar like you hoped? If not, check these three items:
  • Area: Under Site Area, do you have the correct calendar chosen?
  • Event Types: Does the calendar you are targeting have the event types you've selected for their events? For example, if you chose "Information Session," make sure the target calendar has it as an option for event type. Go to the calendar and use the dropdown to see if the type is there. 
  • Location: Like the event type, your event location has to be an option in the calendar as well. For example, if you event is "online," check that the targeted calendar also has this as an option. Go to the calendar and look at the location dropdown to see if your option is there.