Faculty Profile Overview

All About Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles are now housed in two locations:
1) SMC website with basic information
2) BePress with all of the Scholarly information such as publications and presentations.
The guide below is a set of instructions on updating the profile on the SMC website.
To add or update data within your Scholar profile, please use the request form.

request form for faculty profile

Read each topic below to learn more about updating a faculty profile.

Editing access
    Faculty with editing access
    Faculty without editing access
    Non-Faculty editing access
How to edit a faculty profile
    Save equals Publish
Helpful hints
Delete a profile
View all faculty profiles




Editing Access

Before you begin to edit a faculty profile you must have been given editing access by Web Services. To see if you have already been given editing access follow the Faculty or Non-faculty access steps below.

Faculty With Editing Access

Faculty with editing access can log in with their SMC username and password to edit thier faculty profile by clicking on the Edit a Faculty Profile link below. This link can also be found on the MY SMC portal page (my.stmarys-ca.edu).

      Edit a Faculty Profile

If the faculty member has access to edit their profile then they will be taken to their profile page. On this profile page they will see the edit link located below the SMC logo. Click on the "Edit" link to edit your faculty profile.


New faculty or faculty without editing access

If the faculty member is new, or for some reason does not have access to edit their profile, then when they click on the Edit a Faculty Profile link, and log in, they will be taken to a page that says:

      Faculty Profile Edit Redirect
      You do not have a faculty profile associated with your account.
      To request access to edit your faculty profile please submit a request form.

If you are a new faculty member requesting a faculty profile please submit a request and be sure to provide your name, school, department and email so we can set you up with a basic profile to give you access to edit.

If you are a faculty member who already has a profile and are not taken to their profile when you click the Edit a Faculty Profile link then submit a request.

Non-Faculty Editing Access

Non-Faculty may request access to edit profiles by submitting a web request.

Once the non-faculty has access they need to go to the Edit a Faculty Profile link and log in with their SMC username and password.




Edit a Faculty Profile

Non-faculty will be taken to the faculty list search page. Search for the faculty member you need to update and click on their profile. You will see an "edit" link at the top left under the logo. 

How to Edit a Faculty Profile

First you will need to log in to your faculty profile in order to edit it. Click on the " Edit a Faculty Profile" link below. If you are having trouble accessing your profile please see editing access information above.

      Edit a Faculty Profile

A faculty profile is made up of several tabs of information. Once you have access and have clicked on the edit link as described above you will be taken to the Faculty Profile editing screens.

Edit starting with the Home tab
When you open up the faculty profile to edit it places you on the "Home" tab. The home tab is where you can edit your name, image, personal description, contact information, website/video links and upload a CV.

The contact information should include office location, office hours, phone, fax, email and mailbox. Include the full phone and fax numbers [e.g., (925) 631-8888].


Save often. If you have several updates to make to several different tabs save after every tab update.

Note: edits to the page that are saved and published can be seen immediately to any logged in Salli user.  Recent saved edits may take up to an hour to be seen by users who are not logged in to the SMC website.

Helpful hints

It is best practice to not copy and paste directly from a Word document into the Faculty editing tool.
It is best to first copy your information into a text editor such as Notepad on a Windows machine or TextEdit on a Mac and then copy from the text editor into the Faculty editing tool.

If you copy directly from Word into the faculty editing tool your profile may or may not display as expected. When text is copied directly from Word, Word automatically places in their own coding, which you can not see, and then places it into the Faculty editing tool which then tries to translate the code and many times can not.

For best results type your updates directly into the Faculty editing tool.

How can I delete a Faculty Profile?

Only Faculty Profile Managers can delete a faculty profile. If you are unsure of your faculty profile manager for your school or department, you can submit your request to delete a profile by filling out the following request form.