Feature Blocks

A feature block is a valuable tool that can feature any type of content, including stories and testimonials. Images are required for the feature block. Editors will need to upload a mobile and desktop version of each image. Titles are recommended as well to provide users with context. Use no more than five slides per feature block, and use no more than one feature block per page. 

Feature Block

Step 1:

Navigate to the page you wish to edit and select Body Area Blocks in the left navigation.

Step 2:

Add the Feature Block by selecting Feature Block under Block type and clicking Add another Block.

Add Feature Block

Step 3:

Complete the following information:

  • Upload Desktop and Mobile Image 
  • Title Text 
  • Optional: call-to-action button with URL

Step 4:

To add another slide, choose Add Another Item and repeat Step 3.

Step 5:

Once all information is submitted, click Publish.

There is also an option if you want the feature block to just include one link that says “view all items.” For example, this could be used if you feature a set of videos and link to a video gallery landing page. If you choose this option, do not include a title and call to action buttons with URL on each slide in Step 3. Complete the box below instead.

Feature Block Option #2