Feature List

A Feature List combines small photos and text in an easy format.

Feature List Final

Step 1: 

Feature lists can be added to a page, story or area home. Navigate to the location you wish to add a feature list. Choose Edit at the top of the screen (you must be logged in). 

Step 2:

On the left-hand side of the edit screen, choose Body Area Blocks. Next, select Feature List from the Body Block drop-down menu. Click Add New Block.

Feature List

Step 3:

A new block will appear.

Feature List Block

Add the following information:

  • Title: This is the general title of all the listed items. In the Saint Mary's Magazine example, "Stories" is the title.
  • Item Title: Item Title refers to the specific item. If you are listing biographies, it would be the name of the individual. For the Saint Mary's Magazine, it is the name of the story.
  • Item Sub-Title: This is an optional field. It could be a person's title in the biography example. 
  • Item Description: Description of the item. You can use plain text or bullets.
  • Item Link: An Item Link is a URL for the Item Title. If you are listing biographies, for example, this could be a link to a page/story all about that individual. When someone scrolls over the Item Title, it will change red and they can click on the link. 
  • Item Image: For best results, upload an image that is either 500px wide or 500px tall. We recommend a square, 500x500px.

Step 4: 

To add another listed item, select Add Another Item. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until all content is uploaded. 

Step 5:

When finsihed, choose Publish or Save Draft in the top right-hand corner.