How to Log In

By logging in SMC students, faculty and staff have access to view private pages as well as edit their pages in Salli.

Step 1

To log in make your way to any page except the homepage.  For example, you could start at the content dashboard.

Step 2

Click the "Log in" link in the bottom left corner of the page.

Step 3

Log in using your SMC username and password

Step 4

You should be logged in!  You will now be able to view all pages on the site marked as private.  If you have permission to edit pages, you will see the edit option on pages you have access to.  If you need access to edit pages, but don't have it, get in touch with the Salli manager of the area of the SMC site (if you know) to be sure they know you want to edit pages, then submit a request for access using the Web Help Form