Librarian Log in For Editing

While the library is in "pre-production" mode, there will be a specific way for you to log in so that you can edit your library pages. 

If you go directly to the url "" before you log in you will immediately be directed to the blue library site and will be unable to see or edit the new site in Salli. You must log in first and then navigate to the library site.

Step 1

To log in make your way to any page except the main site homepage and/or the library homepage.  For example, you could start at the for faculty and staff page.

Step 2

Click the "Log in" link in the bottom left corner of the page.

Step 3

Log in using your SMC username and password

Step 4

You should now be logged in and will see a "Hello, YourNameHere" message at the top of the page.
You will be able to view all pages on the site marked as private.  If you have permission to edit pages, you will see the edit option on pages you have access to.  

Now navigate to the library website by going to
If you have the proper permissions you will be able to edit the library pages.