Library Subject Pages

The librarian subject page is composed of three tabs which are Basic, Sections and Layout. We'll go over each of those below

To add a new subject.

Step 1

After logging in, go to the content dashboard. On the content dashboard, under Library content, click on the "Add a new subject" button.

Step 2 - Basic Tab

----- Skip the Sections tab at this point. Go to the layout tab. --------

Step 3 - Layout Tab

Step 4 - Click Save

Step 5 - Add a Section

a. Add Section Link

After you save your page you can add sections by clicking on the "Add" button at the bottom of the display view of your subject page.

b. Add a Section Edit Screen

After you click the "Add" button you will be brought to the screen below.

When you click on the "Dynamic content tags will be replaced with the actual content" link it will open up a pop up window (seen below).

If you do not see this link it means you need to change the text format dropdown to "Library HTML" (in red above).

c. The Dynamic Content Tags Pop Up

The dynamic content tags are in red. To add one to your page you must highlight the red text and then copy.
You will then go back to your section edit screen (seen above) and paste in the copied red text.

You may need to edit the red text once pasted in.

A content tag looks like this [smclib:16983:xxxxx].
When you paste the tag into your section body area you must replace the "xxxxx" with either "short", "medium" or "long".

Search tags are found near the bottom of this pop up in the Search Block box.
An example search tag looks like this: [smclib:0:albert]
After you paste these you can leave them as is.

To close the pop up click on the red X at the top of the pop up window.

After your pop up window is closed and your dynamic content tags have been pasted and edited click on the save button. You will now be taken to the display page of your subject page.

Congrats! You have now completed creating your first library subject page.