Highlighted Image and Text Block

The highlighted image and text block combines photos and text in an organized, easy to read and stylish format. 

Highlighted Image and Text

Step 1: 

Highlighted Images and Text blocks can be added to a page, story, or area home. Navigate to the location you wish to add a Highlighted Images and Text blocks. Choose Edit at the top of the screen (you must be logged in). 

Step 2:

On the left-hand side of the edit screen, choose Body Area Blocks. Next, select Highlighted Images and Text blocks from the Body Block drop-down menu. Click Add New Block.















Step 3:

A new block will appear.

Saint Mary's College














Add the following information:

  • Center Block Content: This is an optional field but if checked the entire block will be centered on your published page
  • Image: Images are required for this blog and can be a typical image file or a gif. Recommended size in pixels is 700w x 400h
  • Image Placement: You can choose if your image should be on the left or right of your text. You can also add multiple Highlighted Image and Text blocks and alternate
  • Title: This is an optional field that may or may not be necessary depending on the other content of your page
  • Text: This is the text field for you to fill in

Step 4: 

When finsihed, choose Publish or Save Draft in the top right-hand corner.