Circle Header

Highlight between 3 and 8 items by utilizing our circle template as your area header.

The circle header (seen below) is one of the header templates available for area landing pages.  Each area of the website can have 1 area landing page header, and the header only displays on the landing page for that area.  See steps below for adding this header to your area landing page.

Circle Header

Step 1

For each item in the header, you will need to collect the following:

  • An image 554px by 554px
  • A title: a maximum of 15 characters
  • A short summary of the item: about 200 characters
  • A link (optional) of where the visitor can read more

For the circle header, you can have between 3 and 8 individual items.  You can link to pages, or to any of the other content types available in the system (image galleries, stories, videos, etc.). 

Step 2

Once you have all of the above information, contact us by clicking on the "Web Help Form," located toward the top of your screen.  We'll set up a one-on-one workshop to load all of your information into the system and make it live on your page.  Eventually, you'll be able to add/change/remove headers with ease.  But, for now, the process is such that it's easier to do the work together.