Area, Page and Calendar Image Headers

Headers can be added to a Page, Story, Calendar or Area. 

Header Options

Step 1:

Navigate to the page you wish to add a header to. On the left-hand side, choose header. Choose a header from the following options:

Triple Header*

Triple/Event Header

Single Image

Updated CTA Location - Area


Updated CTA Placement - Slideshow

Sort Slideshow (Choose slideshow and check the box in the upper right that says short slideshow)***







Single Short

Single Short Image

Short Image with Text and CTA Block

Short Image with Text and CTA Block

Triple Horizontal

Triple Horizontal Header

Uploading Your Image

Step 1:

Once you choose a header, upload your image for desktop AND mobile. Refer to the dimensions listed in the helper text or refer to our image guide. 

*When uploading a triple header, the helper text refers to two different image sizes — "R" and "L." The "R" refers to the right-side images, which are slightly smaller and the "L" refers to the left-side image, which is larger. 

Header Design

Step 2:

To avoid your image's subject or main area of focus being cut off, select the Desktop/Mobile Image Focus drop-down. Choose the location where your subject is located in the image.

For example, in the image below, the subject(s) are generally in the center. Choose the Desktop Image Focus dropdown (and Mobile Image Focus if you upload a mobile version), as "center."

Example - Image Focus Drop Down


Optional Text and Call-to-Action Button

Step 1:

If you wish to add text over an image, write your description in the text box under the image uploads.

*** With the short slideshow header you can also add a video url for a pop out video. Find an example here (updated April 2018)

Step 2:

Call to Action buttons (i.e. “learn more” or “register today”) are optional. To add a CTA, provide a Title and the URL. For the Short Image, a CTA is limited to 50 characters.

Step 3:

Click Publish.