Save As Draft

The Save As Draft feature allows you to make edits, save and preview all before publishing.

What will change with Save As Draft?

Status Messages

If you navigate to a page you can edit (while logged in) you will see that there is a now a status message which tells you what state (published or draft) you are viewing.

Examples of status messages can be found below. Note when you see a pencil icon you are viewing a draft.


Note: Our public audience will never see these status messages. Only SMC editors with permissions to edit will have access to view these status messages.


Choose to save or publish

Once you click on the edit button you will notice your button options have also changed.  These additional buttons now allow you to either save a draft or publish.

Manage my Pages

From the content dashboard when you click on "Manage my Pages" you will now see links to existing drafts.


Revision Tab Updates

While the Revisions Tab now looks different you can still accomplish the same things. See examples of the old and the new revisions tab below.

Example of the Old Revisions tab

Example of the New Revisions tab
The area in green is always your live published page.
The area in red is your draft version (not published).
An item that is neither green nor red is a past version of a published page.

For any published page there are links to view, revert or delete.



When did this go live?
Tuesday, February 21 2012

Which content types will have this new Save As Draft feature?
All pages and area landing pages will launch with the new save as draft feature. We will eventually add this feature to other content types such as events, stories, announcements, etc.


If you have questions about Save As Draft please contact Web Services through our Web Help Form.