Supported Browsers

Salli will work in the various browsers however for the optimal experience we suggest always using Firefox for any Salli updating.


Whether you are on a PC or MAC we recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your chosen Salli editor.

How do you know if you are using the Firefox browser?

If you look at the top of your browser you will see the Firefox icon and the words Mozilla Firefox, as seen in the orange boxes below.
You can also click on the "Help" link, as seen in the red box below, then click on "About" to see exactly which version of Firefox you are using.

Don't have the Firefox Browser?

Call the IT Service Desk at (925) 631-4266 to have the Firefox browser installed on your SMC computer.

Other Browsers

Again if you are using any of the other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari, Salli will work for you. However we know that there are particular actions that Salli just does better in Firefox. You can continue to use any of these but keep in mind if there is something "quirky" going on it might just be because you are not using Firefox.