The Kitchen Sink

This page contains every Body Area Block with realistic styling. Feel free to use the content here as inspiration for your own webpages!

The body area can be really useful for displaying inline images and links. However, from my experience, the best way to make sure your image looks awesome is to put it in a Body Area Block, like some of the ones you'll find below! If you're looking to add an image to a page with some nice styling options, I recommend looking into using one of the following Body Area Blocks: Images in HTML fields can be given captions

  • Feature List
    • Great for multiple images!
  • Feature Block
    • Great for an event summary.
  • Call to Action
    • Great for marketing or directing your users to another important page (like donating)
  • Highlighted Image & Text
    • The option to center this block makes for some really creative styling choices for your image. Great for images with information that you want to put in the middle of a busy page, yet still grab the visitor's attention.

Here are some examples of the different link formats!

Learn about Standard Links

Learn about SMC Call to action Links

Learn about SMC Donate Links