Need a way to collect information from your users? Webform might be the answer.

What is Webform?

Webform is a tool in Salli that allows you to create and edit simple forms.  A few examples of types of webforms are RSVP, contact us, feedback, sign up forms, collecting/changing information and questionnaire just to name a few.

Limitations of Webform

  • Webforms cannot be used to collect FERPA data (e.g. student recommendations, social security numbers, etc.).
  • You can only limit the form to the SMC community (eg. make the user login).  You cannot make the form available to a particular group only (e.g. student, faculty or staff).
  • You cannot collect payments.
  • You cannot do math calculations.
  • You cannot pre-populate the fields with SMC user information (e.g. student id #, name.)
  • You cannot do complicated forms. (Contact Web Services if you think you have a complicated form.)

Request a Webform

If you would like to learn how to create/edit a form or if you would like us to create/edit your form, submit a Web Services Request. We will train and give you access to Webform. We are happy to meet with you for a personal training.

Steps for Creating a Webform

Building a webform is not a one step process and can be a bit complicated.
Creating a webform consists of 7 required steps.
Use the list below as a checklist when creating any webform.

Step 1. Create a Webform (You must have certain permissions to create the form) 
Step 2. Edit your Webform (title, intro, group, publishing options)
Step 3. Add/Edit the form components (dropdowns, checkboxes, text fields, etc.)
Step 4. Configure confirmation emails
Step 5. Set the form settings (confirmation page, submission limits)
Step 6. Test your Form
Step 7. View Your Results

Advanced Webform Information