Show/hide a field based on the value in a previous field.

What if you only want a the year of graduation to display when a user selects "Alumni"?  Use the "Conditionals" feature.

1) Click Webform >> Conditionals. 

2) Component
This drop down box will present a list of all of the valid component types (checkboxes, radio buttons or select lists). Select the component whose value will determine whether to show or hide a subsequent component.

3) Operator

This drop down menu contains two choices:

  • "is one of" (is equal to)
  • "is not one of" (is not equal to)

4) Values
Select the value of the component. 

5) Add/Delete
Click on the circle with the + to add another line.  Click on the circle with the - to delete a line. 

6) Click on Save - bottom of the page.

The above settings will display: