Confirmation and Admin Emails

Set up emails for your form.
  1. Click WEBFORM >> E-mails.
  2. For a confirmation email to the user, select "Email" (or whatever you called your form email field).

    For an admin email, enter your address in the "Address" field.

  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Fill in the info for
    E-mail to address
    E-mail subject
    E-mail from address
    E-mail from name
    You can select a value from the form (Component value) or enter a custom value.  There is a default value for the "E-mail subject", "E-mail from address" and "E-mail from name".
  5. Under E-MAIL TEMPLATE, you can choose to use the default.  This is handy for the admin email.  It contains the data from the form and links to the results.  However, for a confirmation email to the user, click "Custom", delete the current template and enter your confirmation email.
  6. Click "Save e-mail settings" (bottom right).
  7. To create another email, just repeat the above steps.  You can send out as many emails as you want.