Create a Webform

You must have certain permissions to create or edit a Salli Webform.  If you would like to request access, submit a Web Request Form.
1) Log in to Salli (bottom left corner).

Click "Content" (top left).

Content Button



2)  Click the "Add Content" link which will appear a little below "Content".

Add Content




3) Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on Webform.

  Webform Content type



4) Enter text in Title box. 

Title tab




5) Do not check "Make this post private".  

If you want the form to be available to the SMC community only, go to Webform >>  Form settings.  

  Private Checkbox screenshot



6) Enter text in the Body (optional).  It's just like entering content on a Salli page.

Edit Body tab





7) Highlight your group under Group Audience.

Edit group tab






8) Publish or Unpublish?
    •  Click on "Publishing Options".
      Publish Button Screenshot 

    • If you want the form to be displayed with all the current settings, click "Published".
    • If you want the form to display only to logged in users, unclick "Published". The form fields will have a pink background.

Publish Options Screenshot ( Publish or Unpublish)




9) Click Save (top right)

Save Tab



10) You are ready to create your Fom Components.