Community Impact

Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve.

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Our shared Lasallian heritage is more than just a history of an educational movement – it is a living reality that we experience daily in our work and in our lives. Inspired by one of the Lasallian Core Principles: Concern for the Poor and Social Justice, we strive to have a positive community impact by:

  1. Serving our local community by teaming with organizations such as  San Francisco and Contra Costa County Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity and Save the Bay.  By December 2011 Saint Mary's Graduate Business Alumni Chapter will have hosted 15 service events spanning across 5 counties and attended by over 160 Saint Mary's community members including students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends.
  2. Partnering with business, governmental and non-profit groups in the greater San Francisco Bay Area in support of a local economy that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. The Center for Regional Economy carries out research (both academia and applied), provide consultancy and advisory services, and organizes events that bring together internal and external constituencies to educate the public and discuss topics affecting out local economy.
  3. Conducting field research and making recommendations on ways to plans to revitalize downtown Moraga businesses by attracting more business from Saint Mary's Students. Led by faculty member Mary Coe, and member of the Town of Moraga's Economic Development Team, undergraduate business students devised a plan to help "Makeover Moraga" including ideas such as exposing freshman to local shopping centers and including local coupons in their orientation material, creating a rewards system that encourages repeat student business, and having a "Gael Pub" night for Saint Mary's athletics fans.