SEBA Presents: Bachelor of Science in Data Science

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a strong growth in the field of Data Science with a 28% increase in the number of jobs (approximately 11.5 million new jobs) by 2026. 

The School of Economics and Business Administration is now accepting applications for our new Data Science degree program - Apply Today!


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The new driving force behind industries in the 21st century is big data. Data Scientists are highly valued in the market as the interdisciplinary field requires expertise in many subjects, including Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Communication. Despite the vast amount of readily available data there are few individuals with the skills required to utilize its potential. 

The Data Science Major focuses on the analytical tools and critical thinking skills necessary to extract knowledge and insights from massive data sets, and to use these to solve  real world problems. Students will develop theoretical and practical knowledge to analyze data sets, present data in meaningful ways, and facilitate actionable decisions. The STEM certified program leverages the Bay Area’s culture of innovation and technical advancements to give students hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn from the industry leaders.

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